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Welcome to the official AI-generated trailer of “The Acolyte,” a mesmerizing new addition to the Star Wars universe. This innovative project brings a fresh and thrilling perspective to the beloved franchise, crafted entirely using cutting-edge AI technologies by LUMA AI and stunning visual art from Midjourney.

In “The Acolyte,” venture into the dark and mysterious corners of the Star Wars galaxy. Set in an era shrouded in secrets and ancient Sith lore, this tale follows a young acolyte as they delve into the hidden depths of the Force, confronting challenges and adversaries that will test their resolve and destiny. The AI-generated storyline promises an epic adventure filled with twists, turns, and the timeless battle between light and dark.

LUMA AI has leveraged advanced video generation techniques to create a trailer that seamlessly blends the iconic Star Wars aesthetic with a fresh, AI-driven narrative. Every scene, character, and piece of dialogue has been meticulously generated to honor the spirit of Star Wars while introducing innovative storytelling elements.


LUMA AI is a trailblazer in artificial intelligence research and development, specializing in creating intelligent systems capable of understanding, learning, and producing high-quality content. Their work spans various industries, pushing the boundaries of AI capabilities.

About Midjourney

Midjourney is renowned for its artistic prowess, using AI to generate visually stunning imagery. Their collaboration on “The Acolyte” showcases the incredible potential of AI in visual storytelling, producing captivating images that bring the Star Wars universe to life in new and exciting ways.

Key Features:

• AI-Generated Storyline: Experience an original Star Wars narrative created entirely by AI, featuring complex characters and a gripping plot.
• Stunning Visuals: Enjoy breathtaking imagery generated by Midjourney’s advanced AI techniques, capturing the essence of the Star Wars universe.
• Innovative Sound Design: Immerse yourself in a soundscape crafted by AI, enhancing the cinematic experience.
• Cutting-Edge Technology: Witness the collaboration between LUMA AI and Midjourney, showcasing the future of film and storytelling.

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