Beyond The Dome: AI Animation Through DALL·E 3, Runway Gen-2, and Pika Labs

Amir Hosseini

How We Made This:
We used AI tools like GPT-4 for developing concepts and narratives, DALL·E 3, Runway Gen-2, and Pika Labs to create this animation.

A.M. Studio Vision:
‘Beyond The Dome’ dives into the idea of fighting for control in a world that tries to hold you back. It’s a city under a dome where the old and the new are in conflict, and a group dares to challenge the status quo to find the truth. Through the lens of this narrative, we also hint at the reality that to build something better, sometimes we must first go through the process of deconstruction.

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Animation Tools: DALL·E 3, Runway Gen-2, and Pika Labs by A.M. Studio Vision
Voice-over: Made with
Music and Effects: From Envato
Editing: Done in Adobe Premiere Pro (& Topaz Video AI for Upscaling)
Subtitles and Concepts: Made with GPT-4