Circuit Breakers – Human Resistance (AI music video)


Welcome to my first short film/video clip completely created with artificial intelligence: “Circuit Breakers – Human Resistance”! I really wanted to immerse myself in these new technologies. I had been exploring AI to generate images, videos and audio for months, and I finally managed to combine all that knowledge to bring this project to life with a unique narrative!

“Circuit Breakers – Human Resistance” introduces a fictional digital band “Circuit Breakers” in its first video clip “Human Resistance”, and the interesting thing is that the music is also created 100% with artificial intelligence. I could have edited and improved the sound, since the song has a “low quality” touch, but I decided to keep it that way to reflect the exact point of current technological development (the video was created in October 2023).

In this short film, I immerse myself in the cyberpunk theme in a post-apocalyptic setting, where the human resistance fights against AI and robots that have taken control of the world. It is inspired by works such as Akira, Blame!, Cyberpunk 2077, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, among others. I hope you enjoy this unique experience!

This is the first video on my channel, and I’m excited to share more content like this if you like it. Thank you for taking your time to watch it! Don’t forget to support me by clicking “like” and “subscribe” if you enjoy this type of content. See you in future projects! 🙂

Software used: Midjourney, Dall.E 2, Runnaway ML, Pikalabs, Suno Chirp, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects.