DIM Celestial Awakening: Dawn of a New Epoch – Episode 1 Draft

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Title: “Celestial Awakening: Dawn of a New Epoch – Episode 1”

Embark on an epic journey with Thoth, the deity of knowledge and wisdom, as he arrives on Earth in the first episode of ‘Celestial Awakening: Dawn of a New Epoch.’ Witness the mystical arrival at the ancient pyramids and the beginning of a mission that promises to unlock the dormant powers within Foundational Black Americans. This narrative blends cosmic lore with a call to awaken the mind and build a new empire of enterprise. If you’re captivated by the fusion of ancient wisdom and futuristic vision, this series is for you.
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Title: “The Awakening Process: Decalcifying the Pineal Gland”

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πŸ”­ Explore the saga of enlightenment and rebirth of powers leading to the rise of Black Wall Streets and cosmic reparation. Share your thoughts on this enlightening process and be part of shaping a new era!
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