‘Evolution’ is a haunting short film that journeys into the depths of human suffering, unfolding from the very inception in the womb. Through raw and unfiltered AI animation, it unearths the inevitable struggles, pain, and hardship that plague our species from the moment of conception. This uncompromising exploration of the human condition unveils a harrowing tale of existence, devoid of any comforting illusions, forcing us to confront the bleak reality of our collective journey.

‘Evolution’ strips away the veneer of optimism to reveal the raw and unforgiving nature of life. From the very beginning, the film portrays humanity as a species condemned to endure unrelenting suffering and anguish. It serves as an unyielding reminder of the darker aspects of existence, urging us to confront the harsh realities that shape our lives. By immersing ourselves in this unapologetically somber portrayal, we are compelled to reflect on our actions and the consequences they have on ourselves and others.

The film acts as a solemn warning, prompting us to question the depths of human cruelty and the insurmountable challenges we face collectively. As we witness the painful journey of humanity unfold, ‘Evolution’ demands introspection and an urgent call to acknowledge the darker corners of our existence.

Idea and Video: Chucky Schuster
Music: Ben Menedetter