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Welcome to the official music video for “Carolina O Hemingway,” an evocative song that blends the soulful genres of Country Pop, Contemporary Country, Tropical Rock, and Country Rock. This track is a mellow, longing, and sentimental journey that encapsulates the essence of summer love and bittersweet memories, brought to life by a melancholic and lush male vocal performance.


[VERSE] Carolina, five foot five
Bright blue hair and big brown eyes
Sleepin’ ‘neath the neon signs
Of some old two-street town tonight

We don’t need to talk things through
Or you can cry the whole way too
Whatever feels alright to you
Cause you got baggage, I got room

[CHORUS] Singing Carolina oh
It’s a long and winding road
But if you’re ever lonely
You don’t have to ride alone
Sayin’ Carolina child
You been walkin’ now for miles
Put your head down on my shoulder
Let me drive ya
For a while

[VERSE] I been down the road before
You seen trouble, I seen more
I burned the bridge, I closed the door
Yeah, I been rich and I been poor

So we don’t have to go too fast
Lemme make this highway last
Don’t need time, we don’t need cash
Just let them city lights go past

About LUMA AI:
Luma AI is the revolutionary Dream Machine, an AI model that generates high-quality, realistic videos quickly from text and images. With the Dream Machine, you can create 120 frames in just 120 seconds, allowing for rapid iteration and exploration of creative ideas. The Dream Machine ensures consistent characters and accurate physics, capturing attention with breathtaking camera moves. This transformer model, trained directly on videos, is a step towards a universal imagination engine, now available to everyone.

About UDIO:
UDIO is an innovative platform designed to empower the next generation of music creators. By leveraging advanced AI, UDIO enables anyone to create extraordinary music from simple text prompts. Whether specifying topics, genres, or other descriptors, users can generate professional-quality tracks. Supported by industry leaders and artists like, Common, Tay Keith, and many more, UDIO is committed to expanding musical horizons and making music creation accessible to all.

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Enjoy the journey and let the music take you on a ride through the winding roads and neon nights of Carolina. 🎶✨