Made an AI Spec Nike Commercial Using Basic AI Tools

Dave Clark

It started out as a Midjourney V6 test of some cool unique prompted underwater shots…

Then this first image you see popped up and it lead to this bigger idea.

An AI Nike Spec commercial I call “Live WanderProof.”

After running a few of the images through
and then
it lead to this campaign idea.

This idea is about being prepared for life’s surprises. Whether you’re an athlete, an innovator or an artist, nothing can stop you and you are ready for everything. Wander freely because you live wanderproof. Featuring the song “What Was I Made For?” By the great

I will be featuring some select images from the spec spot and sample prompts in the comments. Cheers. #ai #aiartwork #AIArtCommuity #midjouney #aianimation #nike #advertising