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Embracing the future of animation production...

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Decoherence allows you to create cinematic film or animated videos with a really intuitive online platform, with clip generation, editing, visual styles, camera controls and audio syncing.

The beta version includes a new 'fluid' animation style that rivals other AI video generation platforms. Which when combined with their stunning site design make the platform really powerful.

Explore Decoherence further here:

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The Future of AI Assisted Animation:

With the arrival of high-quality AI there has been lots of concern about what it means for all industries including the creative sector.

Discussions on what it means for job roles and skills now and in the future are constantly seen on social media, mainstream news and in conversations with friends.

We run our own UK animation studio, founded back in 2013 and after the initial shock and increasing awe of seeing what generative AI tools can do, we decided the sensible approach was to jump in and learn as much as we can and start to utilise the tools where suitable. Which indirectly lead to us also starting this very site.

Generative and other forms of AI provide the ability for many new creative approaches and, yes, for increased efficiencies in production. It's advancing nearly daily, improving quality and simplifying production processes.

For example, being able to create professional imagery from a simple text prompt, create a realistic voiceover from a script document, animate a character's face to an audio track or swap out filmed live-action actor with a perfectly lit CGI character of your own with a few clicks is simply game-changing.

Where it goes from here...  whilst we can't be sure, and could chat about it for hours, we do believe the demand for those skilled with AI tools and workflows will increase. Along with production quality and speed of development.

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