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Turn 2D images (or videos) of an object or character into a 3D model to use in your projects.

CSM which stands for Common Sense Machines allows you to turn a 2D image of an object or character in a 3D model with a single click of a button. Plus they have an option to use a filmed clip of a real world object and create a 3D model from that.

You can upload an image, review a few still images with give (semi-accurate) indication of how the model will turn out and press submit. It then takes some time as it processes and generates a 3D file to use in your work.

The quality is already very impressive and improving rapidly.

It's also currently free to use with paid options no doubt on the horizon.

I used CSM in this full AI 3D animated scene tutorial, view on Youtube here.

  • CSM Ai 2D image to 3D model website


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