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Leading AI image generation platform. Create stylized or realistic cinematic images. Via text prompts (and optional image guidance).

A leader in producing quality images, Mid Journey is an AI image generation solution that runs on Discord (with the new website quickly advancing and enabling image creation via the website)

Using text prompts or image references with a text prompt you can create stylistic and hyperrealistic imagery.

It generates 4 images, that you can then use to create new versions, before upscaling and then have the option to pan/zoom the image to adapt it further.

In the future Midjourney will be releasing tools to enable improved character consistency and eventually 3D and video generation.

The recent V6 alpha release enables better alignment ot text prompt direction enabling better accuracy of produced images.

  • Beautiful Mermaid close up, stlyised character
  • 3D Pixar style character generated with midjourney.
  • Cartoon Anime Dog Scene generated using Midjourney
  • Hedgehog in burning forest generated with Midjourney
  • Landscape with classic sports car


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