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Storyboard Hero, ai storyboarding app
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AI-powered storyboarding platform to help with the pre-production process for films, animation and TV.

One area of animation production that is starting to see a big impact from AI is storyboarding.

StoryboardHero is an AI-powered platform to help with the pre-production process. The platform is designed to help video agencies save time (and costs) in preparing concepts, scripts, and storyboards. Video agencies can then discuss their concepts/storyboards with their clients or prospects and iterate quickly to reach a final validation before starting production.

StoryboardHero is developed by a team with experience in tech but also in video production, which gives them an insight into the specific pain points faced by video agencies. The whole ideation process, from concept to storyboards, can take several days in the traditional process and will be shortened drastically with AI.

The platform continues to be developed further and further, improving both the ease of use and overall quality of storyboard production. They're also rolling out animatic creation (videos made up of the storyboard frames).

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