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Popular AI music creation tool, enables anyone to generate complete songs from simple text prompts.

Founded in 2022 in Cambridge, MA,, originally known as Bark, has revolutionized music creation with its AI-powered platform. It allows users to create comprehensive songs, encompassing lyrics, instrumentals, and vocals, simply by inputting text prompts. This innovative technology is accessible through various platforms, including Microsoft Copilot under the name Copilot Suno, where users can generate music by entering creative concepts.'s unique appeal lies in its ease of use, opening the world of music composition to everyone, irrespective of their musical or technical skills. It uses a model known as "Chirp" to produce realistic music and vocals, initially focusing on speech generation and expanding to a wide range of audio outputs. The platform addresses copyright concerns by ensuring songs match user prompts without revealing its training dataset, thus reducing plagiarism risks. Users can request songs in the style of specific artists, but direct replication of existing lyrics is prohibited. represents a significant stride in democratizing music creation, making it as simple as taking a photo with a smartphone.

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