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Matt Burn aka Oranguerillatan

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Matt Burn aka "Oranguerillatan"

Matt is a senior VFX artist with 20 years of industry experience working for leading studios in London and around the UK.

Since 2022 he's become immersed in emerging AI visual tools. Using Stable Diffusion and a wide variety of generative AI tools to create unique visuals with compelling dark undertones from his office in beautiful Wales.

Recent work from Matt (Oranguerillatan) can be seen in the new official music video for Peter Gabriel, and recent song release 'The Court'.

The AI generated visuals cleverly entwine subtle nods to key lyrics whilst reflecting core messages of the song. With shot changes and movement cutting and ramping up to match the music (using keyframe schedules in Deforum).

A stunning collaboration with a legendary musician, who has pushed the boundaries of visuals for decades.

Matt Burn AI Animation

Matt continues to explore the potential for AI in music video production and is consistently sharing interesting and highly original work on his Twitter (X) and Instagram accounts.

As well as continuing to use WarpFusion and Deforum for audio-reactive txt2img and img2img animations, Matt is currently also exploring the use of ground-breaking txt2vid tools like Kytr.animate and Gen-2.

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