AI Tutorial:

Create higher quality 3D depth maps with new AI tools. Midas 3.1 vs Photoshop.

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AI Tutorial Explained:

In this tutorial, I'll take you through all the steps to create a higher quality 3D depth map from an original 2D image by using Midas 3.1 (run via a Google Colab) as well as the new Photoshop Beta Depth Pass filter.

I then compare the results before showing how to quickly use a 3D depth pass with a displacement map in Adobe After Effects, plus show how to link the effect up to your camera.

Software Used:

• Midjourney (Dystopian Image creation)
• Google Colab, Midas 3.1 (Link here).
• Adobe Photoshop Beta v25.0
• Adobe After Effects

Useful assets for the above tutorial:

Simply right-click and save the high res image to your computer.
2D image to 3D depth map
Create Better 3D Depth Maps

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