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AI Tutorial Explained:

In this detailed tutorial, I'll take you through all the steps in our current workflow to create a unique animated character and 3D scene from an original AI-generated image.

It uses a mix of paid and free AI tools and includes the use of Adobe After Effects.

Software Used:

• Midjourney (*Or any other good AI image generation software)
• Adobe After Effects
• Midas (Via Hugging Face) Free. (*Alternative use Neural Effect in latest Photoshop)
• Optical Flares Plugin for After Effects.
• D-ID
• Eleven Labs

Useful assets for the above tutorial:

Simply right-click and save the high res image to your computer.
AI image, smiling boy in grass and art wide
AI image, smiling boy in field close up
Smiling artist in bedroom, mid journey AI image for animation
AI image, smiling boy in artists bedroom close up
Old man artist wide shot, ai animation tutorial, ai generated.
Old man artist closeup, ai generated imagery

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