Hiwaga: Enchanted Stories and Adventures – Episode 2 “Alon”

Ramil Escarda

Hiwaga: Enchanted Stories and Adventures Episode 2 – “Alon” (AI Animated Series) “Alon – A Tale of Love and Redemption” In this touching episode, we unfold the story of Alon, a fisherman in a coastal village, whose life is forever changed by the sea’s mysterious ways. When tragedy strikes, Alon’s unwavering love leads to an unexpected reunion and a powerful … Read More

Matt Mosquito – Utopia

Matt Thomas

What does the AI future hold in store for us? Are we heading towards a Blade Runner dystopian nightmare, or do we begin on a journey towards “Utopia”? Composed, mixed and produced by Matt Mosquito, for Mosquito Productions. AI Animation by Matt Mosquito (Moonet Productions) Sounds: Classic analog synths, four to the floor meets glam rock beat, hands in the … Read More

Matt Mosquito – Cosmosis

Matt Thomas

“Cosmosis” – Sci-fi soundwaves in space. Composed, mixed and produced by Matt Mosquito, for Mosquito Productions. AI Video by Matt Mosquito (Moonet Productions) Sounds: Funked up space guitar, ethereral ethnic vocals, euphoric arps and a heavy groove. Souncloud: https://soundcloud.com/mattmosquito/cosmosis

Zomborg Teaser Trailer (UE5 | Stable Diffusion)

Oh Hey Void!

Welcome to the world of Zomborgs, a sci-fi horror script-book that delves into the intriguing realm of the future, where technology, zombies, and corporate cults collide! 🔥 DOWNLOAD EPISODE 1: https://zomborgs.ohheyvoid.com/ 🧟 Embark on an electrifying journey as we bring a slice of Zomborgs to life using cutting-edge technology available to indie creatives. We harnessed the power of Unreal Engine … Read More

Hiwaga: Enchanted Stories and Adventures – Episode 1 “Little Star”

Ramil Escarda

Welcome to Hiwaga: Enchanted Stories and Adventures! In Episode 1, “Little Star,” we follow Stella, a unique being born of human and star. After losing her star parents, she finds their love lives on as stars in the sky. Join us as Stella’s cosmic journey becomes a symbol of hope, showcasing the power of love and resilience. Don’t miss this … Read More

Peter Gabriel – Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix) (Lamson Official Version)


Peter Gabriel - Panopticom (Dark-Side Mix) (Lamson Official Version)

This video was created by Lamson as part of the Peter Gabriel / Stability AI #DiffuseTogether competition that launched in April 2023. The winners were announced in June, with this video winning joint first prize. Lamson is a reflective engineer with a love for stories, art, and music. Lamson’s journey to find his career path led him to the illuminating … Read More


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Moloko – Fun for me

Shaun Berry

Deforum animation to the song by Moloko – fun for me

Ai Music Video

Fyhan Hossain

Ai Music Video

This is an AI Music Video I created for a client. You can get something cool for your music.

Torus Talk on Twitter

Torus Talk

Torus Talk on Twitter

MAKE A DATE WITH TORUS TALK ON TWITTER #Torustalk From the BBC and National press to Ombudsman buds and Maladministration

The Boy in the Mirror

Thomas Cannon

A man gives his childhood account of what he saw in the mirror years ago… 🌌🚪👤 To make this video I used RunwayML Gen2, D-ID, Pikalabs, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, Topaz Labs Video enhance, Leaipix edited inside after effects and Primere pro and a little adobe audition. For more of my content check me out at https://www.instagram.com/redditreflections_/