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Henry Mustafa
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Divine Intervention Media
Divine Intervention Media (D.I.M.), an innovative AI-assisted think tank, aspires to bridge the gap between technology and metaphysics prompting to develop cutting-edge software applications. Its unique approach involves leveraging research and development processes integrated with blockchain technology, large language models, drones and swarm intelligence algorithms. The company's overarching mission is to reshape the tech landscape by seamlessly integrating these advanced concepts across multiple industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, and beyond. By doing so, D.I.M. seeks to foster a new era of technological innovation that transcends conventional boundaries and drives significant positive changes in various sectors of the global economy
United States
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Motion Graphics, Storyboarding, AI Automation, AI Consultancy, AI Animation, Music Videos, AI Art
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DALL-E, Runway ML, Kaiber, Stable Diffusion